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Why Advanced Ceramic Meterials

Advanced Ceramic Meterials (ACM) Corporation is a leading supplier of ceramic materials. ACM's advanced ceramic materials play an integral role in various aviation and avionics sensors throughout the industry. We develop advanced ceramic materials that can withstand harsh conditions while maintaining reliability and accuracy. Major aircraft components like brakes, flaps, fuel components, and hydraulic sensors all incorporate our ceramic materials. ACM’s specific types of ceramic materials are resistant to wear, lightweight, and heat resistant so they can be incorporated in a number of uses at high altitude.

For many years, we have cooperated with the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers such as NARS, Boeing and GE Aviation, in the development of advanced equipment. ACM supplies components for a range of turbine sensor and igniter systems, high power connectors, insulators for rocket and missile systems, optical components, armor, RF windows and wear components for braking systems.